Facing a DUI in Alabama? Alabama DUI Law Explained

Initial Confusion and Depression After a DUI Alabama

An Alabama DUI arrest can be unnerving.  That is why you need an Alabama DUI attorney at your side. The deep and unsettling interruption in your life, caused by a DUI Alabama can seem overwhelming.  You worry about an Alabama suspended license and want to ask an Alabama DUI lawyer “Is a DUI a felony in Alabama?”  Others facing DUI arrest in Alabama may be worried about the DUI consequences and legal impact of a second DUI conviction within 10 years, or whether they will have to apply for SR22 insurance Alabama. Similar to a DUI first offense, these accused drunk drivers want to know “is a second DUI a felony?”

Alabama DUI law – Discussing successful DUI defenses

Rather than talking about what happens if you are convicted of a DUI in Alabama, Whitney Polson and Mark Polson want to review the facts of your Alabama DUI arrest, and see which successful DUI defenses may be utilized to get you out of this mess.  While an Alabama driver’s license suspension would occur on either a first DUI conviction or a second DUI conviction within 10 years, if we can get the current DUI reduced to reckless driving, no loss of Alabama license is involved. Because the central focus of our Alabama criminal defense attorney law practice is DUI in Alabama, you will be talking to Alabama DUI lawyers who have been able to help thousands of accused drunk driving suspects beat a DUI.

Are Alabama criminal defense attorneys also an Alabama DUI lawyer?

The answer to this question is “not necessarily.”  Some Alabama criminal defense lawyers focus on “white collar crimes” like Medicare fraud or executives at a large corporation “cooking” the corporate books.  Other criminal defense lawyers in Alabama only accept felony cases like murder, armed robbery, and sex crimes.  Our Alabama DUI lawyers primarily deal with alcohol-related and drug-related crimes in Alabama, day in and day out.

The field of drunk driving defense is a part of Alabama criminal law practice, but is more focused on serious “motor vehicle” crimes, and the related science behind breath alcohol testing, field sobriety test reliability, and whether or not a police pullover or DUI checkpoint arrest and warrantless search of a driver is constitutional. Possibly 10% of criminal lawyers in Alabama have the majority of the criminal files in their office as DUI defense law cases, like the Polson and Polson law office in Birmingham.

Mark Polson and Whitney Polson can handle felonies or misdemeanors of any type in Alabama, but have focused their law practice on alcohol and drug offenses.  So, a DUI in Alabama, vehicular homicide, serious injury by vehicle, DUI with child in car, marijuana possession charge (misdemeanor or felony), and a domestic violence accusation are the most common Alabama criminal offenses handled by Polson & Polson from their Birmingham, AL law offices.

On a 2nd DUI offense, what license suspension is imposed under Alabama DUI law?

The period of license suspension, with no permit or ability to drive at all is one year, on a conviction after a second DUI offense, if the conviction means two DUIs in 10 years.  Our criminal law clients do not want an Alabama DPS history to show “suspended license Alabama.”  That is why our collective experience of nearly half a century in law practice helps us see successful DUI strategies to avoid this type of harsh Alabama driver’s license suspension.  The loss of driving privileges is just one of many Alabama DUI penalties.  The job of our skilled Alabama DUI attorneys is to help you avoid DUI, and find another solution to your DUI in Alabama.

Call the Alabama DUI Lawyers who CARE about winning your DUI case – How to Beat a DUI

The main DUI law office for Polson Law Firm is located in Birmingham, but the DUI lawyers at Polson & Polson can cover any pending criminal law case anywhere in the entire state of Alabama. Birmingham is to Alabama what Atlanta is to Georgia, the largest city and a substantial number of DUI cases occur within a 50 mile radius of Birmingham, Alabama.

Clients don’t really care about our office location. They want Alabama DUI attorneys who know how to beat a DUI. That is our mission. Investigate thoroughly. Turn over every rock and look behind every tree, seeking answers to the driving under the influence charges. So, no matter if your DUI case in Alabama is pending in Bessemer, Opelika, Auburn, Andalusia, Montgomery, Vestavia Hills, Mobile, Anniston, Troy, Gulf Shores, Tuscaloosa, Dothan, Gadsden, Auburn or Huntsville, we have been to your court before and will travel back there again, for your pending DUI case, if you need our DUI law firm’s help. Whether a first offense DUI, a 2nd DUI, or a DUI third offense, we can assist you.

Our objective is to help you obtain the full measure of justice that Alabama law allows. Our criminal justice law firm has handled Alabama DUI cases in almost every county in our State, as well as a majority of the State’s numerous Municipal Courts, where many DUI arrests are initially arraigned. To learn how we can help fight your DUI case, please contact us today for a FREE case analysis.

For people injured in a car accident, we can come to your location. We Fight Alabama DUI cases across the entire State. Call us now at our office. 205-871-8838, or toll free at 1-844-776-5766 [1-844-7POLSON].

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