Alabama DUI Job Background Check

Alabama DUI Job Background Check

Answer: A DUI arrest and/or conviction could show up on a background check for a job. When you talk about records or background checks, there’s really three different types of records that a potential employer could look at: number one would be a driver history; number two would be just a generic background check; and then number three would be an arrest history.

On a driver history, only a conviction for DUI would show up. So, if the case is dismissed, there should be nothing on the driver history. In terms of a generic criminal background check, only, again, convictions should show up; so, if the case is dismissed, that record should remain clean. However, the arrest history is something that’s there forever once you have been accused of a DUI.

However, if your case is dismissed, now in Alabama you have the right to seek what’s called an expungement and even have the arrest history cleaned up. So, the bottom line is it’s very important to aggressively defend your case to protect those three records in terms of a potential future employer doing a background check.

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