Alabama DUI Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Say

Our attorneys and staff always take pride in their representation and strive to attain the best possible result for each client. We are pleased to share with you a collection of some of the comments our clients have written to us over the years. (All comments posted here are on file at our office.)

“Your firm did an extraordinary job handling my case and were helpful from the start to finish. I really do appreciate all your hard work and making a stressful situation as stress less as possible.

Again thank you very much for all your hard work. Also if anyone I know has legal questions regarding DUI’s in Alabama, Polson & Polson will be the first place I direct them to.”

– Anonymous Client

After being the cause of a three-car accident on the interstate, I  was arrested in the ER at a hospital nearby. In my mind, I thought this was the end of my professional career and that my life was over. After meeting with one attorney, a friend told me to call Polson & Polson.

The moment I listened to his words, my mind became more at ease. I walked into that courtroom and I was relieved the moment Mark Polson starting speaking to the judge. We walked out of there with a “not guilty” verdict and my hands were clean. Seriously, the man is a genius!

– Anonymous Client

“Mr. Polson exceeded my expectations while working with me on my DUI case, in which he stood by my side for a non-guilty judgment (this all occurred in front of a jury by trial). He stood out in court, with his greater understanding of DUI law and the science involved, and was able to win the day.

I highly recommend his legal services, as he is passionate about his work and was caring throughout the entire process. I am grateful that Mr. Polson represented me and I had the extreme pleasure of witnessing his defense for my case.” 

– AVVO Client Review

Court: Jefferson County Circuit Court (Bessemer Division)

Result: NOT GUILTY by jury verdict

Comment: “Thank you so much for all of the hard work and long hours you and your staff put in on my behalf in 2005 and over the years…you went the extra mile for me in every way.”

Court: Mountain Brook Municipal Court

Result: DUI charge DISMISSED after plea negotiation

Comment: “Thank you for being there for me in time of need…Your great knowledge and understanding of people are wonderful qualities you possess.”

Court: Cleburne County Circuit Court (appeal from the District Court)

Result: DUI charge DISMISSED in appeal from the District Court to Circuit Court after plea negotiation

Comment: “I would like to sincerely thank you for all the help you have given me…You are obviously very good at what you do and I have gained a renewed respect for your profession.”

Court: Hoover Municipal Court

Result: DUI charge DISMISSED after plea negotiation.

Comment: “I just wanted to write and thank you for all of the time and effort you put into my trial/accident. It meant a lot. I realize you went above and beyond for me.”

Court: Mountain Brook Municipal Court

Result: DUI charge DISMISSED after plea negotiation.

Comment: “I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement.”