Alabama DUI Bill of Rights

Below are the rights you have when you consult with and/or hire our lawyers. We stand behind the commitments we have made below and are dedicated to protecting your best interests. Being arrested for DUI in Alabama is a serious life event; though, it does not have to be the “end of your life”. The rights stated below are pledged by us to give you peace of mind during this stressful time of dealing with a drunk-driving offense.

Before Hiring Us

  • Instant communication! A 24-hour phone number is always manned by one of our trained staff or attorneys to answer your questions and concerns about a recent DUI arrest. In addition, email inquiries and/or submitted questionnaires will be answered in 12 hours or less.
  • A FREE, NO OBLIGATION PHONE and or OFFICE CONSULTATION with one of our attorneys at a time convenient for YOU (even if it is before or after hours and or on the weekend)
  • A detailed explanation of the Alabama Court System as it relates to DUI including the law, procedure, possible punishment, etc.
  • A detailed explanation of how your driver license could be affected and what can be done to save it.
  • A detailed explanation on what we can do to help your DUI case
  • A full explanation of the legal fees that will be required and additional costs. No hidden fees or hourly rates—you will know from the beginning all costs and fees you face.

After You Hire Us

  • A full and complete investigation into the facts of your case.
  • Regular updates on your case by our staff.
  • The commitment to fully and thoroughly prepare your case for court.
  • The commitment to answer any questions or concerns.
  • The commitment to stand up for your rights in court.


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