Alabama DUI Arrests: 30 Day Time Limit to Appeal

In every Alabama DUI arrest, an administrative driver’s license SUSPENSION action is started by the arresting officer. This implied consent legal proceeding applies in all Alabama DUI arrests.

This is separate civil case that is separate from your pending DUI criminal case. Immediate action is needed to SAVE your driving privileges from being taken away under the Alabama administrative code. You have a thirty-day limit to act, or the suspension goes into effect, by operation of law.

Alabama DUI Arrest

How to Avoid an Alabama DUI License Suspension

At Polson and Polson Law Firm, our DUI attorneys handle hundreds and hundreds of these driver’s license retention issues every year. By calling before the thirty-day deadline ends, our DUI defense lawyers act on your behalf and file an appeal of that pending driver license suspension.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in the State of Alabama, our DUI lawyers near me can assist, regardless of your court location. Because a very short time frame exists to protect your right to continue driving, call today for a LAWYERS near me FREE CONSULTATION.

Mark Polson and Whitney Polson

With a combined 63 years of handling DUI arrests, why trust your ability to drive to a general practice lawyer? Let Mark Polson and Whitney Polson, our criminal lawyers near me, quickly act by filing a petition in circuit court to stop your license suspension. One of our most important jobs, after helping over 8000 drivers facing DUI charges in Alabama, is to protect your right to drive.

Action needs to be taken immediately to preserve your privilege to drive after you have been charged with drunk driving. In fact, you have only 30 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing appealing your pending administrative driver’s license suspension.

Call today to get FREE legal advice near me from one of our award-winning Alabama DUI lawyers. 205-871-8838, or (after hours) call our cell number, 205-401-3171. While the taking of your driving privileges seems unfair, if you contact our office immediately, you can learn how to take steps to preserve your right to drive.

Because both partners are Martindale “av” rated, Alabama Super Lawyers and Whitney Polson is co-author of the leading treatise on DUI defense in Alabama, what better attorney ratings for a DUI defense attorney could you ask for?

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The initial call is FREE, and you can learn what will be needed to obtain a favorable outcome on your DUI Alabama case and protect against these Alabama suspensions.

Take the time necessary to complete an online case evaluation form to protect your rights.


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