What To Do After Being Arrested for DUI

Question: What is the first thing I should do after being arrested for DUI in Alabama?

Answer: It’s very important after being arrested for a DUI to immediately contact a DUI defense lawyer. There are various issues you need to be educated about, including your driver’s license and how to properly defend the case in court. The penalties are severe if convicted; however, there are a lot of things that can be done to aggressively defend your case and mitigate, if not eliminate, drivers license ramifications and penalties from the court.

How to Answer Officer for DUI

Question: What should I say if an Alabama officer asks if I have been drinking?

Answer: When stopped by a police officer for an alleged DUI, like any traffic violation or roadside interaction with a police officer, a citizen only has to do two things as required by law. Number one is to identify themselves, which they can do simply by handing the license to a police officer. Number two would be to exit their vehicle if ordered to do so by the police. Therefore, on the roadside you have no obligation to answer any questions asked of you as to whether or not you’ve been drinking. If you do answer this question, assuredly it will be used against you in court. So, my advice would be not to answer any questions if you feel you’re under investigation for a DUI on the roadside.