Court: Jefferson County Circuit Court

Case Synopsis: Client stopped at 2:18 A.M for improper lane usage. Officer noted odor of alcohol, unsteady on feet, red eyes, admission of drinking, and failed field sobriety tests. Client arrested for DUI and Improper Lane Usage.

Court: Jefferson County District Court

Case Synopsis: Two car traffic accident on Interstate I-459. Officer reported blood shot eyes, odor of alcohol, slurred speech, poor performance on field sobriety tests, and failed preliminary breath test on roadside. Client arrested for DUI.

Court: Jefferson County Circuit Court (Bessemer Division)

Case Synopsis: Client stopped for driving erratic after 911 call placed to police concerning vehicle matching client’s. Officer noted bottle of vodka in client’s vehicle, strong odor of alcohol, red eyes, unsteady on feet, failed field sobriety tests, admission of drinking. Client arrested for DUI.