DUI attorney Birmingham AL

DUI attorney Birmingham AL

Are you rummaging the internet for 'Top-rated attorneys near me'? Mark Polson at Polson & Polson is the best DUI attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, with over 44 years of legal experience. Mark specializes in criminal defense, DUI, and DWI defense cases. He has helped hundreds of clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges by reducing their penalties or dismissing their conviction. These are the top five things to look for in a DUI attorney in Birmingham:

Background and experience

Make sure to check an attorney's background and experience on your first meeting with a DWI attorney. Also, when searching for an attorney, make sure to find someone that specializes in DUI/DWI charges. Make sure to check the years of experience an attorney has in practicing criminal law and inquire about the number of clients he/she represents in a year. Furthermore, you must also check the attorney's trial experience to be more prepared. A smart choice would be to lean towards hiring an attorney that has several connections and cordial relationships with other attorneys in the prosecutor's office. An attorney that has a good reputation with the prosecution attorneys can negotiate better terms and reduce your penalty or sentence from jail time to community service or fine.

Successful track record

Once you face a DUI conviction, it can follow you around for a long time and can severely damage your reputation. You must work with an attorney who has the best chance of reducing or dismissing a conviction. With a skilled attorney by your side, you have a better chance of avoiding a DUI conviction entirely. Hence, limit your search to finding DUI criminal attorneys in Birmingham, AL, with a reputation for winning.

Excellent communication skills

When it comes to handling DUI/DWI cases, you must work with a attorney with exceptional communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills. With any DUI/DWI case, presentation is a top priority, and without strong communication skills, your attorney may fail to present and argue your case efficiently.

Local attorney

It is not uncommon for someone with a DUI conviction to research for the top attorneys across the country. But remember that you need a skilled local attorney to receive a favorable case outcome. Hiring our Birmingham, AL, attorneys for your case ensures you are getting someone well-versed with the local courtroom rules, laws, and procedures, along with connections with the judges in that court, the district attorneys, and other legal and administrative members. These relationships can play an integral role in your case outcome/verdict.

Case management

Case management refers to how a law firm or attorney plans to handle your case. Make sure to hire an attorney or law firm that can constantly update you on the status of your case, and the attorney or his legal assistant should be easily accessible for questions, doubts, and other communications.

Your search for the best DUI attorney in Birmingham, Alabama, ends here. Schedule a free consultation with one of our top attorneys in Birmingham at Polson & Polson today. Call us at (205) 871-8838 or visit https://www.alabamaduidefense.com/free-alabama-dui-case-evaluation/.

DUI attorney Birmingham AL

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DUI attorney Birmingham AL